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is an Italian luxury fashion brand founded in 1985 by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

The house specializes in clothing, handbags, accessories, eyewear and now expanding into Luxury Home Decor and furniture signed by the elegance of Dolce&Gabbana.



World-known luxury fashion designer opened his first atelier in 1982 in Lebanon, Beirut.

Wedding dresses and evening gowns using exquisite fabrics and textiles.Dressed by celebrities such as Beyonce, Céline Dion, Angelina Jolie, JL, Michelle Obama, and more.

Expanded into a luxury furniture line in 2019. Elie Saab Maison showrooms: Paris, Milan, and Beirut.

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is a Portuguese company that conceives, designs and produces furniture and upholstery with contemporary inspiration and bespoke decoration projects for the hospitality and residential markets.

The collection is constituted by elegant, comfortable, unique and made-to-last products that stem from the match between the design team's creativity, expertise, and know-how as well as for the love for detail of our manufacturing team.



Angel Cerda is a group of companies located in Spain and dedicated to different fields of the Home Furniture business, a family-owned business with a successful history of more than 125 years over 4 different generations.

Angel Cerda’s experience and knowledge covers the whole spectrum of the furniture business, manufacturing and distributing their products successfully in more than 20 countries worldwide.

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Stylish Club invites you to join the club of those who appreciate timeless design, sublime quality, and innovative solutions.

The brand is built on a foundation of respect for the past, infused with a contemporary perspective and an ambition to expand and enhance our community. Notoriety stems from high-quality and flawless design.

The Club was born from a desire to build something that would transcend the boundaries of interior design, composing a stylish club where you could be everything you wanted to be.

Being stylish is about being bold and ambitious, with a studio vision dedicated to creating distinctive atmospheres for our privileged club members.

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is a Made in Italy manufacturer of high-end Italian design furniture for home and contract use with high technical, design and research features that help create physical and emotional well-being.

HORM offers a “contemporary design” style where mediterranean, japanese, scandinavian and North American influences cohabit, as reinterpreted through the culture, passion and craftmanship of Made in Italy.

CASAMANIA has an eclectic style, as products of common, daily usage are interpreted through avant-garde and cosmopolitan influences to offer an ironic and «pop» design.



is a member of the Euromobil family since 1995. Perfectly summing up the manufacturing philosophy in a combination of precision design and technological innovation for guaranteed absolute quality.

Sofas, armchairs and beds inspired by the ‘Home soft home’ philosophy, Désirée naturally understands and transmits emotions and sensations. Each product is highly unique, comfortable, elegant and with a distinctive design. There is a reason for each and every perfectly executed detail.

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Based in Portugal, Domkapa was founded in 2009 as a Private Label. The long and fruitful path, full of experience and achievements inspired the brand’s new identity and independence, in 2017.

Domkapa is specialized in upholstery pieces with the most exclusive techniques and holds a tremendous passion for detailed stitching, presenting several similarities to the haute-couture philosophy focused on the value of a “made by hand”.

The brand challenges its team to create the perfect daily meeting between design and comfort in each piece of the brand’s collections.



EMU manufactures outdoor furnishings for the home and for contract projects, to suit different styles and create ideal, authentic environments to enjoy an Italian garden and relax in comfort surrounded by friends.

EMU’s revolutionary drive and intuition has made us one of the first companies to set up a series of collaborations with the most renowned Italian and international designers and architects, aiming to introduce “design” into the outdoor sector.

Encouraged by its heritage, EMU is working to seize the future opportunities, always inspired by the Italian culture of outdoor living.

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Recognized for its enterprising and innovative capacity, without ever breaking with tradition, Alfaiate D’Interiores is a reference in the Portuguese and international market.

The excellence of Alfaiate D’Interiores comes from the family essence where handmade production continues to play a fundamental role in the entire process. Through the hands and perfectionism of a "tailor craftsmen" Alfaiate D’Interiores designs unique and exclusive furniture pieces, full of details and unmatched quality.



is an international brand created by Candibambú. It is based in Porto, in the north of Portugal but works globally. The company has been committed to the manufacturing of lighting equipment and decoration for 30 years.

With over 25 years of experience, this highly innovative Portuguese brand stands out for its cutting edge design, consultancy and execution of technical and design projects, as well as the customization of its products. The continuous bets on design, innovation and personalization reflect in the offer of a range of products with high levels of quality and creativity.

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is handmade by Portuguese masters with decades of expertise, on northern Porto where time serves quality.

Each piece is a new perspective on traditional design that avoids industry standards to create unrivalled inspiration that redefines, every day, what it means to be a Portuguese furniture brand. Laskasas believe in shapes, comfort, balance, functionality and silhouettes.

Laskasas offer hundreds of customisation options between lacquer, wood, fabrics, glass, marble and other materials to ensure that their products project the personality of their customers.



is a company specialized in the design and production of lighting fittings and draws its inspiration from the contemporary living, creating elegant and refined atmospheres.

The cooperation with some of the most famous international designers and the handcrafted production entirely made in Italy have developed a particular culture which allows them to satisfy the most demanding market, keeping the handcraft excellence bound to the concept of “Made in Italy” and to the Tuscan traditions.

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is an Italian brand that is not afraid to be original.

Established in Northern Italy in the 1970s, Miniforms lead with their design, producing stunning contemporary furniture that has 'inspired' many of the pieces we know well.

Their collection of modern sideboards, dining tables and chairs, bookcases, desks, console tables, coffee tables, sofas, armchairs, mirrors, lighting and accessories are practical but more importantly beautiful and just the right side of quirky.

Miniforms emerged on the international scene thanks to its originality, a clear sign of its designers' mission.



Located in Paredes, in northern Portugal, Novibelo is a benchmark company when it comes to planning, designing and assembling all types of custom-made furniture for housing.

Since 2007, when the company was founded, it has stood out not only for its impressive ability to meet market demand in terms of furniture design, production and assembly, but also for the exceptional creativity witnessed at the company, and rigour with which projects are carried out.

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With over 40 years’ experience in the furniture sector, Pacheco’s are a benchmark company for shops in the sector, architects, ateliers and interior designers.

Pacheco’s works with the best materials, to ensure the production of resistant and durable pieces.

With an absolute focus on the customer, Pacheco’s is always committed to offering you an excellent service.



is a Portuguese company of decorative lighting with more than 77 years of experience, being a reference in the creativity, professionalism and competence in the sector.

A company that reflects luxury, a fusion of timelessness and new trends, which guarantee the maximum satisfaction of its customers and partners.

Villa Lumi is synonymous of harmony between artisan and industrial production, bringing the functional product, object of artistic enjoyment.

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