Eligibility for warranty by Modale Vietnam

  • Categories of products are covered by Modale Company Limited/ Modale Vietnam: loose furniture, rugs and lighting (referred to as the ‘‘Products’’) provided that the Products shall fully meet the conditions in this Article 1 and do not fall into the cases stated in Article 2 below.
  • Products have technical defects by manufacturers.
  • Products are still within the Warranty Period (12 months from delivery date to customer)
  • Products warranty certificates are intact; without any alterations, erasures, repairs or dirt.
  • When customers file a complaint about a defect, Modale Vietnam and/or manufacturers (‘‘we/our/us’’) will examine the case and, at our own discretion, assess whether such defect is covered by the warranty. We will then decide whether the defect can be rectified, or the product is to be replaced. We reserve the right to decide which action to take if the claim is covered under warranty and will cover the costs for replacement or repair of the affected part(s) of the Products. In case the Product has been discontinued from the collection/production, we will decide upon a suitable replacement product.
  • In case the technical defect can be rectified, it will be done by us or by a Modale-selected partner and with the necessary means. This will correct the technical defect without a further possibility of price reduction or other compensation.
  • Products must be installed, operated, and used in accordance with technical standards, regulations, technical requirements, and the product installation and usage instructions.
  • Cases of force majeure or accidents leading to damage/ defect will not be covered by the warranty such as lightning strikes, power supply surges, storms, water leakage etc.

Non-Eligibility for warranty by Modale Vietnam

  • Except for the Products stated in Article 1 above, warranty is not applicable to other products such as household items, bathroom accessories, home décor products, tableware products etc.
  • Warranty is not applicable to defects which are not covered by manufacturer's warranty.
  • Warranty is not applicable to products which do not meet any conditions in Article 1 above.
  • Customers intervene, disassemble, repair the products on their own, or take the products for repair to unauthorized service centers not endorsed by manufacturers/ Modale Vietnam,will not benefit from the warranty offered by Modale Vietnam.
  • Damaged items caused by usage shall not be covered by the warranty (ex: broken pieces, teared fabric, scratches etc).
  • Warranty is not applicable to Products which have been stored, mounted, used improperly, misused or altered, exposed to high temperature fluctuations, placed in direct sunlight or in an environment not suitable for the Products such as outdoors, under excessively harsh conditions or in a damp environment such as a bathroom.
  • Cases like liquid spillage or waste spillage will not be covered by the warranty.
  • Warranty is not applicable to defects in leather or felt Products include dampness or mold, which can occur due to temperature and humidity in the Product's placement location.
  • Warranty is not applicable to Products which may experience color fading, cracking, or leather damage due to improper cleaning or hygiene practices.
  • Warranty does not cover scratches, burns, cuts, pet scratches (or resulting from strong impacts or sharp objects), color fading, or deformation caused by improper use or handling.
  • Warranty does not cover cases where customers jump on the sofa or sit on the arms of the chair leading to frame breakage, deformation, or leather tearing.
  • Warranty does not cover situations where customers clean the leather improperly or maintain the Products using chemicals such as acids, solvents, dyes, corrosive substances, ink, paint, or bodily fluids that result in damage to the sofa's surface/ or furniture’s surface.
  • For the natural wood Products: due to the physical nature of wood, expansion in hot weather and contraction in cold weather may cause small cracks. Such conditions will not be covered by the warranty.
  • Promotional items accompanying the sold Products are not covered by the warranty.
  • Products sold to customers under liquidation programs are not covered by the warranty.

Warranty Period

  • Warranty Period for the Products meeting all conditions above is 12 (twelve) months, calculated from the delivery date as indicated in the warranty certificates, otherwise agreed in writing between both parties.

Warranty Contact Information:

  • Hotline: + 84 (0908 929 398) Email:
  • Time to receive warranty requests: 9:00AM-18:00PM, Monday - Saturday, except for Sunday and Public Holidays.
  • Within 02 (two) working days upon customers’ warranty requests, Modale Vietnam’s staff shall go to the customer's locations (if necessary) to check status before providing warranty solutions.

Warranty Execution Time

  • In all cases, the warranty execution time for the Products shall depend on the policies and/or availability of equipment/components/replacement of the Products from each manufacturer or supplier. The specific warranty period will be communicated to the customers.
  • In all cases, Modale Vietnam is not responsible for any damages and losses that may occur due to the fact that the customers do not follow instructions announced by manufacturers and/or Modale Vietnam.